ARRI Presentation
Gallo Communication designed and produced the presentation to the press of a new ARRI 35mm camera using image collages and compositions.
Bayerischer Landtag Digital Media
An interactive informational program for the traveling exhibition of the Bayerischer Landtag (the Bavarian State Parliament).
Bayerischer Landtag Multimedia Show
A multimedia show for visitors to the Bayerischer Landtag: Classical music and fantastic photographs created entertaining explanations of the Bavarian State Parliament's function and history.
BayWa Presentation
A production involving charts and a 3-D logo animation for the BayWa chairman's report at the annual general meeting.
BMW Trade Fair
Mirror image effects as an eye-catcher: The technology of the BMW 5 Series was presented as a projection behind a sheet of glass with a BMW 5 Series automobile in front of it. The projected technological elements on the glass were precise mirror images of the car's components. The visual surprise effect had people stopping in their tracks at the BMW trade fair stands in Amsterdam, Birmingham and Paris.
BMW Event
Gallo Communication developed the concept for the BMW dealers' worldwide presentation of the BMW 3 Series. This concept included two exhibitions, the car's presentation show and the following evening event.
Boizenburg Fliesen Trade Fair Stand
Responsible for the entire concept and production of their trade fair presence. Two trade fair stands for the Schwerin Ceramic and Boizenburg Tiles brands.
Boizenburg Fliesen Multimedia Show
Concept and realization of a multimedia production in a color slide/audiovisual format. This production, designed for trade fairs and retailers, presented the complete product series of the "Boizenburg Tiles" brand.
CBS/Fox Film
The original "Break It": A Gallo Communication film production portraying the authentic story of the break dance movement. Shot on the streets of New York City and San Diego, it's an entertaining and educational film featuring the best break dance moves. The film was released by CBS/Fox as a video cassette. The VHS video package includes an audio cassette of the film's soundtrack. An attractive package for a young target group.
Daimler Chrysler Munich Film/Television
A video production to present the latest Mercedes E-class. Commissioned by the Artists & Acts agency.
EADS Intranet
Consultation and collaboration on the introduction of a company-wide intranet.
EADS Online Media
Concept, design and production of online versions of "Planet Aerospace" magazine and the employee magazine "forum."
EADS Websites
Concepts and realization of Websites for various areas on the EADS' intranet.
EADS Presentation/Film
Film and presentation productions for the meetings "Ottobrunner Gespräch" of ATG ("Arbeitskreis Technik und Gesellschaft of EADS").
Expo 92, Sevilla Exhibition
A "Teatro Interactivo" concept commissioned by the organizers of the World Expo 1992 for a pavilion. The theme: the preservation of natural resources through the democratic process. The project was conceived as an entirely interactive experience involving digital media, audio, kinesthetic and visual technology.
German Fashion Institute Presentation
Gallo Communication was responsible for the idea, realization and production of a video presenting the latest fashion trends. An exciting atmosphere was created by using multiple montages of images. The production also presented the individual trends to the audience in an informative way.
Goldwell Presentation
A presentation show to introduce the company's latest products. Project management, design, production and technical supervision by Gallo Communication.
Gore Event
A video wall presentation for Gore during a production site's opening ceremonies.
Hamburg Messe und Congress Film
Film for the CCH, Congress Center Hamburg. This image film conveys emotions. The city and the CCH are packaged within a short story. The film presents an appealing image of the city and the CCH and awakens the viewer's interest.
Hilti Trade Fair
Production of a commercial for a new HILTI drill hammer. Designed for a trade fair presentation.
LH München, KVR Educational Film
An educational film on the community elections scheduled for 2008 will be made available to 8,000 election volunteers. The film is divided into six chapters; the individual chapters can be selected via the menu. The length of the entire program is 44 minutes.
Messe München Event
Gallo Communication produced a multimedia performance on a 24-meter screen for the opening event at the bauma 2001 trade fair. Over 2,000 guests attended the presentation.
Messe München IHM Presentation
The presentation of the Federal Republic of Germany's award for outstanding innovations in skilled trades and the State of Bavaria's award for achievements in design and technology in the skilled trades.
Messe München Event
Concept, production, technical supervision and project management of the presentation show during the opening of the "BAU 99" trade fair.
Messe München Multimedia Show
Ispo "trend show": Gallo Communication created the concept and was responsible for direction, technical supervision and production. An impressive combination of dance and projections with animation, digital and video images, and color slides projected on various fixed and moving surfaces.
Mercedes Benz Museum
Gallo Communication was involved in the interior design of the Mercedes Museum from the beginning. Media design, technical planning and realization of the audiovisual and digital media were all performed by Gallo Communication.
Mercedes Benz POI
Production of an interactive program entitled "The Technical Highlights in the Development of the Automobile." The presentation was on four Gallo touch screen systems.
Mercedes Benz Multimedia Show
Projections from 23 slide projectors and a video projector on a screen mounted on a semitrailer. This multimedia show told the story of freight transportion at the end of the nineteenth century, when trucks appeared on the streets for the very first time.
Mercedes Benz Film
Film productions on the history of car racing and prominent Mercedes drivers.
Munich Airport Television
Gallo Communication directed a live TV production of the opening celebrations in the new Terminal 2 at Munich Airport. The production was broadcast simultaneously on video screens in the terminal and on television. Commissioned by the Artists & Acts and BWR agencies.
MVV Digital Media
Gallo Communication created the screen design for the Munich Public Transportation schedules using POI systems with touch screens.
Optyl Event
The annual presentation of the latest eyeglass collections by individual brand name companies during a gala dinner event for opticians.
Retevision, Spain Exhibition
Concept for Retevision's exhibition during the World Expo 1992. Retevision is the sole service provider for the transmission of television signals in Spain.
Ruhrgas Event
The global gas company congress. A three-day event with 2,000 guests from all over the world. Concept, direction, production and project management of the extravagant opening and closing shows, which included elements of dance and computer-controlled slide, video and laser projections. Gallo Communication supervised all the media components during the three-day event, including the media used in the symposiums and lectures.
SEL Trade Fair
The productions for SEL, which also received several awards, were milestones and historical moments in event communication.
1983: The "Tower of Communication", designed for SEL-AG's trade fair stand, this 11-meter high object consisted of a lighting system, 32 monitors and 48 slide projectors. The multimedia show presented the company's different fields. Visitors could interactively control the segments via computers.
1984: Five POI systems with touch screens at two separate trade fair stands were networked via fiber optic cables and connected to an information switchboard. Applicants (students) could enter their data, and the push button "live information" established a video telephone connection (with TV studio quality) with the trade fair stand's information switchboard. What nowadays may not sound all that spectacular was a sensation in 1984.
Concept and realization of a film designed to motivate employees for the introduction of a new software.
YTONG Trade Fair
A stage show with an announcer for the YTONG company. The large-screen projections provided extensive information on the company's products. The announcer controlled the projections while interactive touch screen terminals (POI system) offered comprehensive information about YTONG's presence at the trade fair.
Concept, direction, production and project management of the film presentation of a new product for YTONG AG. This campaign combined print and film media, and communicated the advantages of building with the Ytong company to building contractors.
YTONG Digital Media
POI - interactive product and trade fair information: An informational program designed for the YTONG company. Designed for a trade fair, the program contained product information and provided an orientation for visitors to the trade fair stand. After the trade fair, the program was used for other events and other venues.